Vascular Treatment

Vascular Lesions and the effect of the vascular lasers

A wide range of vascular lesions occur due to genetic factors, prolonged sun exposure and several medical conditions.

The common lesions include:

Spider nevus: Refers to small capillary dilatation and torsion. Spider nevus is one of the most common skin lesions, specially for those who have fair skin or suffering from certain systemic medical diseases. Despite their pin-point size, they are very resistant to any kind of treatment and require several treatment.

Vascular nevus: they are usually congenital but may not appear until childhood or even later. They are mainly benign and can be managed by a number of lasers, medical treatment or surgical intervention.

Congenital vascular lesions: They are also resistant to any kind of treatment but they may be less invisible after several treatments by the laser or other procedures.

Varicose veins: These lesions are dilatation of the veins rather than the capillaries. They require specific lasers such as ND/YAG and several sessions to disappear.

How does the laser work?

Vascular lesions contain blood, which is the main target or in other word the “ Chromophore” to absorb the laser beam. This is why the laser can damage the vessels without damaging surrounding area.

Prior to Your Session

Consult with your doctor to find out the different treatments options and to determine if you are a good candidate for the laser treatment.
Avoid sun bathing for several weeks before your treatment, because the skin needs to have its natural colour such that the vessels absorb the laser beam properly.
There should be no infection in the treatment site.
Consult with your doctor if you are required to stop certain medications such as blood thinners, aspirin, gingko, fish oil or vitamin E supplements.

During Your Treatment

You may feel a hot sensation or needle prick like sensation but it is very brief. The good news is that the laser treatment is very quick and usually takes a few minutes. However you can apply anesthetic cream such as EMLA prior to your treatment if you are not allergic to it.


After Your Treatment

  • You will have tiny scabs on your treated area depending on the size of lesions. The scabs usually flake off after one week.
  • Do not pluck them and let them fall off by themselves
  • Avoid sun exposure until your skin completely heals and continue applying sunscreen for several months after laser.
  • You may require applying cooling bags after treatment for a few hours You may require repair or antiseptic creams after laser
  • Do not swim until your skin completely heals

Please visit Banu Beauty at your follow up appointment and contact the clinic if you have any questions or concerns

Vascular Lesion Prices

Treatment Single Price 3 or More (each)
Vascular (per 5 min) $185 $158
Flushing (per 5 min) $68 $58



Vascular lasers treatments are safe if used by experienced and professionally trained practitioners.


Possible side effects may vary according to the type of laser used. Common side effects are usually temporary and may include redness, bruising, swelling and crusting.
Rare side effects may include blistering, skin lightening or darkening, thinning of the skin and scarring. Risks can be minimised by using cooling devices.

It is best to avoid laser treatment when the skin is heavily tanned as this treatment increases the possibility of colour changes in the skin.

It is very important that you follow your practitioner’s pre and post treatment instructions.