Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 5/4/2019

Please find below Banu Beauty Laser clinic terms and conditions. Kindly ensure that you have read and fully understood them prior to booking your appointment.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Men: Chest, abdomen, back, shoulders, underarms, and neck.

Women: Arms, underarms, breast, full legs, Brazilian.

1. Appointments and Cancellations

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Late arrivals of 10 minutes or more may result in the appointment being forfeited, or a reduction in treatment time.
  • Due to high demand, bookings on Thursday and Saturday will require a $10 deposit to be made at the time of booking.
  • Bookings for Full Body Hair Removal will require a $50 deposit to be made at the time of booking.
  • Any late cancellation, rescheduling, or failure to attend an appointment without 48-hour notice will result in a late cancellation fee or the deposit being forfeited.
  • Banu Beauty Laser clinic will attempt to ensure that your appointment runs on time; however, in the event that we need to cancel or postpone your booking at short notice, we will make every effort to contact you in advance.
  • No children under the age of 16 may be left unsupervised in the clinic premises at any time.
  • The initial consultation is free of charge.
  • If paying by Zip Pay or Zip Money, we may request full payment before treatment

2. Courses of Treatments

  • All treatments purchased as a package must be fully paid in advance of the first session.
  • Value packs are only refundable for medical reasons, at our discretion. Any refund is calculated by removing the full price of all treatments already taken, plus any charged for missed sessions, from the total price of the treatment course, with the difference returned to you.

3. Liability

  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he/she provides the clinic with all relevant medical details prior to each treatment. Banu Beauty Laser clinic will not be liable for any harm that occurs as a result of the client’s failure to disclose such details.
  • The client agrees to follow all guidelines and/or recommendations given to them by our professional staff concerning the care of the treated area.

4. Your Right to Complain

  • Banu Beauty Laser clinic aims to treat all its clients appropriately and with fairness. If, however, you have a concern referring to your treatment at our center, you are entitled to lodge a complaint in writing. We will be pleased to help if you require assistance with making your complaint.
  • The complaint will be investigated by the Clinic Manager or their designated representative and you will be informed of the result within 4 working days.

5. Consumer Guarantees

Banu Beauty Laser clinic has a full guarantee on all our services. The guarantee does not apply for change of mind purchases, including if you found a cheaper service, did not like the purchase, or had no use for it.

Client guarantees will apply if :

  • Pre and post treatment advice was followed correctly.
  • The service was not misused in any way.
  • An accurate medical and personal history was provided and updated as necessary.
  • Proof of purchase can be provided.
  • The guarantee claim was made within 14 days of the original purchase date.

Refunds will be for the same amount that has already paid, provided in the same form as your original payment.

6. Pre Hair Removal Treatment Expectations

  • Do not wax, tweeze or use hair removal creams at any time during the treatment.
  • Avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 6 weeks prior to treatment.  This includes tanning beds and self-tanning creams.  We will not treat anyone with a sunburn or tan.
  • We do not provide razors at our clinic. Please shave the area to be treated within 24 hours before your treatment.  If the treatment area has not been adequately shaved, we may charge an additional fee to shave the area.
  • Do not wear make up on an area to be treated; but you can always remove it before your laser session.  ALL skin products MUST be removed thoroughly prior to laser treatment.
  • Please be on time for your appointment.  We make every effort to ensure our clients do not have to wait.  We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if you are late or have not followed the pre-treatment instructions.
  • We recommend that you not use Retin-A two weeks prior to treatment since the Retin-A product causes skin irritation or inflammation in the area.  You may resume Retin-A after a few days of your laser treatment unless your skin is irritated from the laser which in this circumstances applying Retin-A is not recommended until your skin returns to normal following laser treatment.
  • Some medications may cause photo-sensitivity and interfere with treatment (including all antibiotics).
  • Laser hair removal, and skin tightening cannot be done on pregnant clients.

If any of these expectations have not been met, we may refuse to provide a service, at our sole discretion. We do not provide services for clients under 18 years old without their legal guardians permission.

7. Post Hair Removal Treatment Expectations

  • Sun exposure should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks and a sunscreen (SPF minimum 50 with zinc) MUST be used during and after this time to prevent any damage of the treated area.
  • The treated area may become red and/or inflamed.  This is normal.  If a burning sensation occurs, apply ice on the area for 20 minutes (on and off).
  • Normally treated hairs may fall out over a 7 to 21 day period.
  • We recommend using suns cream, moisturisers and other skin care products after laser treatment.  Please follow the instructions for best results.

8. Gift Vouchers and Store Credit

8.1 Christmas Special 2018 ($100 Gift Voucher)

  • The gift voucher will be issued upon full payment for a qualifying service during the qualifying period. The voucher will be valid for 2 months from the date of issue.
  • A qualifying service is either a 3 session sublime or sublative package.
  • The qualifying period is from Mon 8th to Mon 22nd October 2018, inclusive.
  • The gift voucher can only be credited to the full cost of skin treatments (eg, excluding Laser Hair Removal and products)
  • Must be redeemed either
    • in a single appointment; or
    • towards the cost of a skin care package, excluding skin peel packages
  • Not valid with any other sale or offer. The gift voucher is non-transferable, and can not be redeemed for cash.

8.2 Nowrouz 2019 special

  • Not valid with any other sale or offer. The gift voucher is non-transferable, and can not be redeemed for cash.
  • Valid for either sublime or sublative only.

8.3 Birthday vouchers

  • Voucher can only be redeemed for appointments occurring during the birthday month of the recipient. We may request to see identification to confirm the date of birth at our discretion.
  • The gift voucher can be redeemed by presenting the SMS to our staff prior to payment.
  • The gift voucher can only be credited to the full cost of any service (eg excluding products)
  • Must be redeemed either
    • in a single appointment; or
    • towards the cost of a package
  • Not valid with any other sale or offer. The gift voucher is non-transferable, and can not be redeemed for cash.