A brief review:

by Dr. Elaheh Bateni

While some authors have indicated a potential carcinogenic effect of PRP Therapy, there is not such a concern regarding Mesotherapy with Bio-synthetic products.

However, since PRP is a human derived product the pharmaceutical companies are not interested in investing in studying its efficacy nor its side effects. Therefore, PRP therapy remains a matter of concern until further studies prove otherwise.

Similar to the PRP procedure is Mesotherapy in which the synthetic products are administered to the dermis instead of platelets-rich Plasma in PRP. Mesotherapy was invented by Dr. Pistor in France and has been used for various skin and hair conditions including hair loss, skin rejuvenation, hydrotherapy for eczema, skin brightening in Melasma, double chin or sub-mental fat reduction, cellulite reduction and many others.

The procedure is non invasive and safe although, there might be some transient adverse effects including swelling, bruising and rarely allergic reaction. I have been performing this procedure since I met professor Pettit from France and attended his training workshop in Mesotherapy. Dr petit is currently the president of anti-aging and Mesotherapy in France and is continuing Dr Pistor work in this field.

Since then, I have performed Mesotherapy for hair loss and skin Rejuvenation in addition to skin hydration and I have found significant results and satisfaction with Mesotherapy for skin and hair.

This treatment is available at our clinic Banu Beauty Laser in Adelaide now. Please contact the clinic if you have any questions or comments or if you need more information about Mesotherapy in Adelaide.