About Us


Dr. Elaheh Bateni, founder of Banu Beauty Laser clinic, is a highly experienced dermatologist with more than twenty years of working practise in the Middle East. Elaheh has been educated in the Middle East, Europe, as well as Australia and she has been operating her own clinic for three years in Westlakes, Adelaide. She has a great passion for her job and has been continuously developing her knowledge in the field by completing numerous trainings and certifications. In her free times, Elaheh loves to travel around the world, spend time with her family and exercise.


Banu Beauty Laser clinic is a family owned clinic offering laser hair removal and best of skin treatments services in Adelaide.

With continuous aesthetic advancements, Banu Beauty Laser Clinic can provide you with the latest skin treatment programs which can help you reverse the signs of aging and make you feel look fresh and young. Our aim is to provide the sense of wellbeing and at the same time keeping a strong focus on your unique attributes.

We are offering a wide range of cosmetic medical procedures which are non-invasive and allow to restore your unique features and show instant results. All laser treatments are performed by certified laser specialists and all cosmetic procedures are performed by our medical practitioners.