Banu Beauty Clinic

Welcome to Banu Beauty Clinic! As leaders in the field of aesthetics, we offer only medical-grade treatments that are proven to produce natural-looking results, restore radiance and optimise your overall health and wellbeing. We have assembled the best qualified team to ensure that your needs are foremost in our mind.

We provide treatments that protect, maintain and restore your skin health and beauty to the highest standards. At Banu Beauty Clinic, we take the time to understand you and your desired outcome, in order to provide the most suitable skin treatments for you to achieve your goal. Most importantly, we focus on enhancing your natural beauty and wellbeing so that you leave the clinic looking and feeling the best version of yourself.

Hair/Skin Treatments & Cosmetic Injections

Banu Beauty Clinic offers a full range of aesthetic  and non-invasive injectable treatments. There is no-one better placed to help you fulfill your aesthetic goals. Whether encountering signs of aging, removing blemishes or contouring your face to give you the feature and facial outline you desire, Banu Beauty Clinic can help you look your best.